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    Q1. What's the MOQ? A. 2pcs Q2. what's the payment term? A. We accept TT, 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment, Western Union, Paypal payment Q3. What's the sample time and lead time for mass productions? A. Normally, sample time is about 3-7 days after receiving your details. Lead time for mass productions (500pcs) is about 30 days. Q4. What is the standard of package? A. We usually use carton box, flight case, carton with wooden frame is also ok if required. Q5. How about the transport?...

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    Q1.You are factory or trading company? A.We are a professional stage lighting company that is mainly engaged in the product research and development, design,production, sale and service with our own factory. Q2. What are your main products lines? A.We specialise in moving head beam, spot, wash, battery lights and so on. Q3. How many kind of products do you have? A. over 100, move products are under developing Q4. What kind of certificate you have? A.We have ROHS, CE, EMC, as well as national pat...


Stage Lighting Position Layout

The top light and location of the stage lighting lamp arrangement form a lighting array, and all parts of the stage have light spots to eliminate dead zones, and combined on demand flexibly.

1. Top light system design and configuration
The top light is to lighting he performance space in the depth of the stage. The various lamps used in the top light configuration greatly improve the light transmittance of the light and can be used for lighting or dyeing of the stage.

A. Configure the lighting as follows:

Over the stage, a total of 20 ceiling light booms were installed. Each headlight uses a different number of lamps

B. Arrangement and projection method of lamps:

The first road top light and surface light are connected to the lighting lead area. When connecting, pay attention to the height of the character. You can use the light at the first top spot as the fixed point light and place special effects lights, and select some lights to strengthen the lighting of the fulcrum of the performance area.

The second to the tenth roads can be directly shot behind the stage, and can also be projected vertically downwards, which can enhance the lighting of the stage figures and landscape space. The front and rear lights converge to give the stage performance area a more uniform color and brightness.

2. Computer lamp design and configuration

The computer light is mainly arranged on the top light pole above the stage, and the functions such as projection angle, brightness, conversion pattern, beam size, color, etc. of the light fixture can be arbitrarily adjusted to ensure that the requirements of the performance on the computer light change are satisfied.

3. Light color changer design and configuration
The color changer installed on some lighting plays a role in stage lighting, dyeing, color change, and set off scenes to achieve a variety of effects.
In the theater

Learn to use color to highlight the emotions of the characters on the stage. Usually, we would like to use a white headlamp to face the actor, but we can try to change the space by adding some light shades to the white. In traditional dramas, you may only insist on using dark colors in scene designs and backdrops. However, in musicals, you can add color when appropriate - especially in songs.

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