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  • 2016 Bichang Zhou Tour Concert

    In 2016, Bichang Zhou launched the new album. Starting from Guangzhou on August 5, it traveled through six cities of Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai. Bring "atypical" music and live experiences to fans. Bibi said that in 2016 the entire music section will be a highly integrated theme. No matter the album or the tour, they all hope to convey the attitude of "Not Typical", therefore, the new tour will revolve around the concept of the new album more extensively and stereoscopically B...

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  • Brighten Stage Lighting products enter longnan tourism culture festival

    Longnan tourism festival was held on  December 8 ,2017 in dragon square.Chyi Chin, chusheng Chen, haoge etc domestic and oversea stars performed on stage . CCTV's famous host Zhujun hosted the whole course , marks the first longnan county tourism culture festival kicked off. More than 600 guests were invited to attend this tourism festival including the relevant leaders from  ministries , commissions global community,  provincial government and the representatives of foreign enter...

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  • Brighten continue to support Hunan TV on the big shows

    2017 "Chinese Spring Festival Evening" showed out "All Chinese in a big family" concept, star guests and common people, traditional and modern all kinds of the same display, in the depth of traditional culture excavation to amplification Chinese nation, and show out the beauty of cultural heritage. At the party, Zhang Jie, Zhou Bichang, Fei Yuqing, Liu Xianhua, Di Ma Xi, Marco, Zhang Xinyu and other popular idols and artists have brought both creative and texture of the program, as well as Shenz...

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  • Brighten Products FAQ
    Brighten Products FAQ

    Q 1. How many tests do you do before the goods out of factory? A.High temperature aging test, high tempereature test, vibration test, impulse test, hanging test, drop test to ensure the good quality. Q 2. What’s your lighting housing raw material? A.A0 fire retardent plastic. Q 3. How are your lighting lenses? A.Our lenses with plating film which is glare proof and improves the light efficiency. Q 4. Can you make the customized change accordint to requests? A.Yes, our experienced skillful engineers will have technical meeting to discuss your personal requirement and make it come ture. Q 5. What kind of certificate you have? A.We have ROHS, CE, EMC, as well as national patent. Q6. How long is the warranty period? A.1 year.

  •  Battery Moving Head FAQ
    Battery Moving Head FAQ

    1.Q: Battery light can be used while charging it? A: Yes 2.Q: If the battery lights use mains cable, use eletricity and or battery firstly? A: The battery light prior to use the external eletricity for the normal operation of fixture, to avoid discharging whil charging. Thereby protect the battery effectively. 3.Q: What is overflow charging? A: 0-80% charge quickly, the remaining 20% charge slowly to protect the battery. 4.Q: Does charging while using affect the charging time of the battery? A: No, the power supply has enough current to ensure the normal operation of the light. It also ensures that charging in a short time without prolonging the charging time. 5.Q: When the light is receiving wireless signal, insert the DMX signal cable, which signal should be used firstly? A: Select in the display menu manually, decide to use a wireless signal or a DMX signal 6.Q: With the increase of charging time, the battery will appear battery attenuation? A: When charging over 500 times, the battery will appear 10-12% normal battery attenuation 7.Q: Can an external battery increase infinitely? A: No, Only one. 8.Q: When added external battery, use internal battery or external battery first? A: External battery 9.Q: External battery Extension can help internal battery charge? A: Yes 10.Q: How to charge external battery? A: Through the expansion port, charging the internal battery firstly and then charge the external battery.

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