Moving Head Beam

Brighten’s moving head beam series including Super Prism sharpy 5R/7R/10R, high lifespan LED Beam 150W, 100W, 60W with punchy beam angle.

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Moving Head Spot

Led Moving Head Spot family members, 250W spot, 250W spot zoom, spot 150W, 100W, 60W. All of them are with interchangeable gobo options.

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Moving Head Wash

From high power 19*40W moving head wash zoom to 7*15W wash zoom(19*15W, 7*40W,37*15W, K10 Bee eye) with full pixels controlled and each pixel controlled version. Remarkable effect with pure color mixing.

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Par Can

The LED par with an aluminium cas, is right of everyone in need of lights which are sturdy and run on little energy.

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Battery Lights

Innovative battery technology, battery lights holding events without any cables for 7-8 hours. Easy installation and operation.

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Effect Lights

With the LED effect light you can have a creative lighting choreography. It is also the perfect device for interesting light creations in your events. Has a high performance, very bright and shed a strong and intense light.

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DJ Moving Head Lights

Welcome to our DJ moving head lights page, where you can browse our newly developed mini DJ moving head lights, including spot moving head lights, beam moving head lights and wash moving head lights.

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Stage Lighting Accessories

To complement your light fixtures, Brighten product line includes dedicated stage lighting accessories.

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products categories

Brighten main product lines including: moving head beam, spot moving head, wash moving head, bee eye, par can ip65 or indoor par can, battery moving head and so on.

About Us brighten
Brighten LED Lighting Limited is a professional stage lighting factory engaged in manufacturing, design and sales led fixtures. Located in Nansha District, Guangzhou. Over 100 employees work at Brighten’s primary 2000 square metre facility in Nansha, and the products are exported via a worldwide distributor network to over 50 countries across all continents. The administration side of the company is constantly expanding to keep pace with the increases in production. The future is full of ambitio...
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Brighten stage light fixtures are widely used in concert, gala show, festivals and various events. Thanks our client's feedback and sent us the awesome shot of events.

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our NEWS

Brighten launchs innovative products often and each year we will join the exhibition: Prolight + sound  Guangzhou; GET Show

  • BRFO latest super mini pattern light 2018-11-10

    Both the lamp power and the function are required, and the volume and weight of the lamp are required to be small. The best of both worlds, BRFO is for you. BRFO latest super mini pattern light, BR-149S LED MOVING HEAD SPOT 150W . Not only has a high power of 150W, but also very light. Dimensions: 21

  • BRIGHTEN invite you to come Prolight and Sound Shanghai 2018-09-08

    The 2018 Prolight and Sound Shanghai, co-sponsored by Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd and Messe Frankfurt, was held on October 10th at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). BRIGHTEN will participate in the 2018.10.10-13 Prolight and Sound Shanghai, BR-350B moving head beam 350W, 1

  • The first choice for creating a stage atmosphere—— BRFO's BR-1940P 2018-08-06

    The stage atmosphere requires the rendering of lights, and your stage needs this wash light - WASH ZOOM 19X40W light. 19 pcs X40W lamp beads, 6-60° Smooth electronic linear zoom, linear focusing distance of 2.5 meters to 10 meters, no difficulty for medium and large stage. 40pcs LEDs, each of which 1

  • The Solution of Moving Head Light Malfunctions 2018-02-26

    It is common to find malfunctions of the moving head lights on the stage including the light bulbs are not controlled, the light bulbs are off or suddenly go out, etc. Sudden failures often cause great embarrassment and inconvenience to the stage lighting performance. Common fault 1: computer moving1

  • Stage Lighting Color Combination 2018-03-18

    What color should use on the stage? Color may be the most powerful of all lighting tools. No matter on the stage or the world around you, color has always been affecting you. A beautiful blue sky, or a red scene in a metal concert touches your emotions with color. Although it seems simple to say tha1

  • Stage Lighting Position Layout 2018-03-18

    The top light and location of the stage lighting lamp arrangement form a lighting array, and all parts of the stage have light spots to eliminate dead zones, and combined on demand flexibly. 1. Top light system design and configuration The top light is to lighting he performance space in the depth o1

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With several years of experience, we will light culture the new idea and practice together and are widely used in stage lighting design in. We have over several years of professional experience in stage lighting technicians and our product obtained many national patents at present.

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